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         Healthy and Sweet				Americans also consume an increasing amount of sugar, high glycemic foods and chemical 				sweeteners. Sugar, chemical sweeteners, many sugar substitutes and high glycemic foods 				are contributing to an increase in weight gain for most Americans, obesity, diabetes, 				high cholesterol and more. Sweet and Healthy (trutina dulcem formulated to be 20x sweeter 				than sugar) is an all natural sweetener from fruit concentrate that has no calories per 				serving and is low gycemic. It does not stimulate a craving for sugar and products 				containing sugar. The Health-Rewards product line, which includes Cardio Life, sweetened 				with Sweet and Healthy, Vita Trim for weight loss and Sweet and Healthy, have been developed  				to assist in lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of diabetes, managing diabetes, 				reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, assisting with weight loss prevention 				of obesity.




All Natural Sugar Substitute


  • Sweetening your favorite  food or drink and no longer worrying about the extra calories and carbohydrates that come with sugar and some other sugar substitutes. 100% Guarantee!

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  • Your surprise when you discover Healthy and Sweet tastes great, leaves no aftertaste and is nearly 0 on the Glycemic Index scale


  • An all natural sweetener and sugar substitute that does not elevate blood sugar

  • Safe for all ages

  • No calories or

  • No carbohydrates.

  • Low Glycemic

And Healthy and Sweet...........

  • Is great for low carb diets including: The Adkins Diet and South Beach Diet
  • Is safe for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes: Our healthy sweetener does not raise blood sugar
  • Tastes Terrific - Low Glycemic - No aftertaste
  • 25 times sweeter than sugar:
    one serving Is one gram - the same
    size as artificial sugar substitute packets

Unconditional Guarantee:

Try  the 7.5 oz size of our natural sugar substitute Healthy and Sweet for as long as you like. If at anytime you don't like our sweetener, return it for a complete refund. Note shipping of our 7.5 oz container has been suspended pending an agreement for economical shipping and handling. We continue to guarantee product quality for all larger quantities purchased.


What Is Healthy and Sweet?

Healthy and Sweet is a safe, great tasting, low glycemic replacement for sugar, chemical sweeteners (ex. aspartame, sucralose) and other sugar substitutes.

Healthy and Sweet is made from Lo Han Kuo fruit. Lo Han Kuo extract is approximately 256 times sweeter than sugar. Since this sweetness density is overpowering to eat, the sweetness level is decreased to 25 times sweeter than sugar using blood sugar friendly fructose. The result is that one-gram of Healthy and Sweet is all that is needed for an average serving and this size does not elevate blood sugar, which is a good thing for everyone including those concerned about diabetes.

Healthy and Sweet is very pleasant tasting. Our customers consistently report it tastes better than stevia and the chemical sugar substitutes with no after taste.

Healthy and Sweet - Crystals (Similar to Sugar) ...There Is No Comparison With Sugar. Our natural sugar substitute Is Low Glycemic and Has No Calories or Carbohydrates per Serving

A major health concern for Americans today is reducing calories in their diet while enjoying all natural great tasting foods and beverages. Products that deliver this health benefit is what consumers are looking for today. Healthy and Sweet is the all natural sweetener that delivers proven low calorie and low glycemic refreshing taste benefits to a broad range of products.

Unlike common refined sugar, Healthy and Sweet does not affect blood sugar level. Healthy and Sweet is, therefore, an excellent sugar substitute for weight loss and diabetic foods.

Product Description

Healthy and Sweet powder is a propriety, fruit concentrate that contains naturally occurring low glycemic and sweet enhancing sugars (from Lo Han Fruit, Cucurbitaceae).

It can be used as a sugar substitute and replacement for chemical sweeteners as a sweetening agent and as an ingredient in a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Healthy and Sweet has a crystal texture and is designed to be approximately 25 times sweeter than refined sugar while maintaining the great natural "sugar sweet" taste profile. By replacing sugar with Healthy and Sweet blood sugar level is not affected. It will not loose its sweetness over time and does not break down when heated.

With our NO RISK 100% Unconditional Guarantee, now is great time to ORDER the Natural Sugar Substitute Healthy and Sweet.